The fastest racers in the world

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It is quite difficult to name the best racers in the world due to a number of reasons. It is like trying to name the best footballers ever; the list becomes difficult because it is easier to name the best footballers among the current generation. If you ask someone who the best racer on the planet is at this point, they will throw names like Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen or Alonso at you. They are not mistaken but what people fail to realise is the contributing variables in making such a list. To a racer, the formula 1 is simply the pinnacle of racing, and we have tried to look at the finest racers across generations. The article will contain some heavyweights of the racing game but also some surprise entries.

As we said, it is a challenge to name the best racers in the world. Some of the contributing factors are the generation they belonged in, the kind of the car they drove, the competition they face during the time that they were active and so on. But if one man stands above the rest then it has to be Michael Schumacher. The success that man achieved cannot be underplayed. Many people within the racing field including ardent fans would argue that the man was cold, calculated and menacing; but we believe that those were the traits that propelled him to stardom. His finest years were between 2000 and 2005 when he blew everyone out of the water and built a legacy that is simply unmatched. Regardless of the strong opinions, people have against him and for that matter the argument that it wasn’t him but the car that won him the championships; one simply can’t look past the 91 Grand Prix victories that he amassed in his career.


There are a number of names who can edge out Michael Schumacher in a race. Given a time machine, who knows what the outcome would be if a young Schumacher went up against the Hamiltons and Vettels of today. But this list is going to pay homage to the man they all call the El maestro, Juan Manuel Fangio. The truth of the matter is that Fangio defeats the notion that it is a young man’s game since he started his illustrious career at the age of 37. He won 5 formula championships, and on four occasions he won it with different cars. His story is about what could have been. We could have witnessed the greatest racer in all of history if he had started his career much earlier. But credit is given where credit is due; El maestro won 23 of his 51 starts. He was the sort of man that Michael Schumacher could never be, a joy to his rivals and his fans. It would have been a sight to see if their paths crossed, but by the time a young Mike Schumacher took the world by storm, Fangio had passed away.


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